Celebrating Kenyan Music

Celebrating Kenyan Music

So a week ago, I decided to start a challenge mostly for myself and also for Kenyans interested in Kenyan Music. The challenge was simple. Everyday for the whole of September 2018, I decided to either cover, talk about or share a Kenyan song, simply with the effort to celebrate it. I emphasized particularly on separating the musician of the music from the music itself so as to kill bias and I was ONLY going to upheld the positives about the music I picked during the challenge.

The reason I wanted to do this challenge was because I felt like , in an industry where its own drivers (the music artists) are constantly short-changed it was time that someone dedicated an entire celebration just for Kenyan Music. In my heart I believed that the challenge had to start with other Kenyan artists but I purposely made sure to leave the door open to everyone not just musicians only. Having been around the basements of struggling and upcoming musicians in this country for quite a LONG while (8 years) , I have had the blessing and opportunity to interact with as many artist in the same position as I am. When I say ‘interact’ I don’t mean “I recognize that face from many local gigs let me go say hi” kind of interactions, I mean , “I have your number , I can text you if I need your support.”

However, I didn’t text or beg any artist in my contact list to join me ( on purpose) because this was a challenge right ? I wanted to see if  an upcoming artist would take the initiative by themselves without being coerced into doing so. The results, I must say were disappointing.

I beg the question, “Who is going to celebrate our songs if we don’t create a culture of celebrating them? ”

So this coming week, I am going to try changing the course of the challenge. Stay tuned 🙂

In the mean time continue to #CelebratingKenyanMusic because you want to #CelebrateKenyanMusic and also take your time and Enjoy this cover I did in an effort to celebrate this song. 🙂 

Written on the right key, by Marianne Mandy 🙂



  1. Very well putUnable to cover songs myself but I’ve been watching and supporting your journey from the start! I challenge myself to join you next week in talking about Kenyan music

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