About Me


Marianne Mandy is an Afro Soul music artist based in Nairobi, Kenya.
Her inspiration came from a lot of African music artists such as Papa Wemba ,Miriam Makeba , Yvonne Chakachaka , Brenda Fassie and The Jambo boys whose music she grew up listening to. From this , she has impressively and uniquely managed to fuse a combination of afro pop, afro urban and soul sound to create master pieces.
Gathering a modest but loyal fan base from local live performances, Marianne Mandy debuted into the music industry in 2016 with her first single "Nipe mfano" and has since been working on an album which is set to be released later this year (2018)
Mandy intends on writing music that will last longer with generations and not just music for the moment. In her own words, "music that is timeless".
She has also been featured by other Kenyan musician such as Wendy Muchai in "Hey" and soon to be released music by popular rap artist Code Kanuni , esteemed violinist and saxophonist Rickie Beat and extremely deft Music Producer, Shaq Deff .
Marianne Mandy is a story dying to be told and her debut album is right on time to do just that.
Debut Single

Nipe Mfano – Marianne Mandy